About Cloud Computing

IT development is currently headed by the concept of social-kosenp networkingnya, openess, share, colaborations, mobile, easy maintenance, one click, distributed / spread, scalability, Concurency and Transparent, We have the technology trend that still continues to be extracted in studies of IT experts in the world, the Cloud Computing. Access data from anywhere and use the device fixed or mobile devices using the internet cloud as which store data, and other applications that can easily retrieve data, download application and move to another cloud, this allows us to providing mobile application services in the future. This trend will provide a lot benefit both from the service provider (provider) or from the user side.

The trend today is to provide a variety of services and teristribusi remote parallel and can run on various devices, and the technology can be seen from a wide range of process technologies used, which is conducted informasu otsourching up to use external data centers [3].

Cloud Computing is model that allows to support the service called "Everything-as-a-service"(XaaS) [6]. Therefore, it can integrate virtualized physical sources, the virtualized infrastructure, as well as virtualized middleware platforms and business applications made to customers within the cloud.

There are several advantages that can be seen from the development of Cloud Computing, such as
  1. More efficient because it uses a low budget for resources
  2. Make more eglity, can easily be oriented to profit and growth rapid
  3. Creating operational and management easier, it is possible because the system personal or company which is connected in a single cloud can be monitored and regulated easily
  4. Making a reliable collaboration and more streamlined
  5. Assists in operating costs down capital costs as we increase reliability and critical information systems that we build.

There are three components of the platform = computer desktops, mobile devices and the cloud, with attention to the ease and security issues, it might easily be the user to move from one application to another, anywhere.

Software as a Services (SaaS): the development of Web 2.0, a combination with online SAAS applications, can enable collaboration and integration of management tools all devices

Grid computing emerged to unite the many CPUs working in parallel to complete a particular job. Integration of these CPUs can only be done in a local network or internetworking throughout the world. Interconnection is established cel-cel each other in private or public integrated or both,

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